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Brief History

The main activity of the Holding company J.S.A. TEAL is manufacturing aluminium alloys and aluminium profiles. The company was established in 1979 as part of ALUMINIA - Skopje. In 1989 TEAL was reregistered as a single company. In 1999, the German company RAKU became the dominant owner.

  In the past 10 years, the managers team included modern management and manufacturing practices, which resulted in a bigger use of the capacity, a bigger sale and bigger profit. This was awarded with a recognizable quality of the processes and products, through a successful introduction of ISO9001:2000 Certificate. This was additionally strengthened the competitive advantage of the company at the export markets as a confidential supplier of aluminium profiles for the industry.

  The company is located in Tetovo, the second biggest city in Macedonia.  The site and the halls have enough capacity for a potential future growth. 
  At the moment there are 72 employees in TEAL including professionals with long years of working experience. Additionally engaged there are outside cooperants. The production is performed in three shifts which is conditioned by the purposes to reach higher level of the capacity use.
  Since 2003, the company has had a big increase of the manufacture and sales. In 2006, 2007 and 2008, the maximum amount of over 2000 tons of aluminium profiles and alloys were manufactured per year.
TEAL has a simple system of administration. The Board of Directors consists of 5 members, one of whom comes from the company itself and the others of whom come from the outside.     

  J.S.A. "TEAL" as a system is located on two locations such as:
- in Tetovo with the surface of 70.180 m2 and a covered area of 7.981 m2 where the Head Office and production plants are situated.
- in the village of Miletino with the surface of 9.184 m2 and a covered area of 756 m2 where the plant for aluminium gallantry is.

  In the previous years, there were investments in the maintenance and modernization of the existing equipment. The strategic determination of the company is a good quality and a permanent development, for which the company guarantees with its modern laboratories for metallographics, spectometrics and mechanical examination, but also with the final control of the products.

  TEAL owns a ISO 9001:2008 Certificate given by the LLOYD'S REGISTER.

  On the position of executive director is Mr. Vasil Corbadziev.Mr. Corbadziev is a bachelor of metallurgical engineering, with long years of working experience got while working in ironworks - Skopje , and then in TEAL. Since 1995 he works in TEAL and he knows all the processes of production and quality management. As executive director, Mr. Corbadziev is responsible for negotiations and agreements with the main clients.On the position of deputy director is Mr. Sotir Corbadziev. He is a bachelor of architecture engineering. He got his working experience, before coming to TEAL, in Alumina - Skopje, where he assisted in the designing profiles, but also in the designing of modern construction solutions with aluminium profiles. He is responsible for quality management, control of the production processes and managing the info - system.   

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