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The main activity of the holding company J.S.A. TEAL from Tetovo is the production of aluminium alloys and profiles. The company was established in 1979 as a part of ALUMINA from Skopje.
  About ten years later in accordance with the Enterprise Law, in 1989, TEAL was registered as an independent company which became a Holding Company in 1991.

  In 1999, the German company RAKU from Obernburg - Germany became the dominant owner of TEAL possessing 53% of it.

  The main activities of TEAL are:
    -    Production of aluminium logs, blocks for deoxydation and alloys;
    -    Production of pressed aluminium profiles, pipes, bars and construction profiles;
   -    Production of aluminium gallantry, aluminium brackets for electrical distribution network and similar products;

  TEAL is export - oriented company. Over 90 % of the products are for the foreign markets like Serbia, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. 
  The main raw material in the manufacturing process is pure aluminium in shape of ingots, with the pureness of 99.7 % - 99,8 %, which is provided from the Norwegian company Hidro Aluminium, which is one of the four biggest companies in the world for this kind of business.


  Over 90% of the production is for export. The main export markets are Serbia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany. Direct buyers are divided into two key groups: manufacturers who use aluminium profiles in their manufacturing process and wholesalers. The manufacturing of TEAL is organized only according to the orders of the buyers.

  Worldwide there is a huge demand for aluminium profiles. Aluminium alloys have proved to be the right choice for many applicants because of the strength of the material against their specific weight. The world market of aluminium profiles has been estimated to a value of 26 billions US dollars.

Manufacturing process

  The manufacturing process, implemented in TEAL, is actually an integrated manufacturing system, which starts with the raw material, pure aluminium in a shape of ingots and some other elements like copper, silicon and magnesium and it ends with a final product - aluminium profile in different circle dimensions and shapes.

  The manufacturing process is divided into two main phases:
    -    Process of manufacturing aluminium alloys in shapes of logs and ingots;
   -   Extrusion of logs into profiles with different circle dimension, followed by thermal elaboration where necessary;

  The annual manufacturing capacity is about 2000 tons of final product, in three shifts. The management was in position to raise the manufacturing capacity with improvements in the process and technology. In this moment the company works with almost maximum exploitation of the capacity.

  • Aluminium logs
  • Blocs for deoxydation
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Pipes and bars
  • Aluminium gallantry
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