Development and investments plans

  Following the growth and the market demand growth, the management of the company looks for improvement opportunities and manufacturing capacity expansion in the two parts of the technological process (foundry and extrusion) and the assignment of values of the final products through extra surface protection of the final products.

  The improvements in the foundry, where the melting and the foundering of the aluminium is done, are planned with the inclusion of the SNIF system (Spinning Nozzle Inert Flotation System).This is a refinement system which allows a better quality of the metal, reduced time of processing, reduced emissions and lower operation costs. As the standards for the quality of the aluminium profiles have increased, the refinement has become essential. The SNIF system, first developed by the Union Carbide in 1974, is accepted and used worldwide. In this moment TEAL doesn't use this kind of system but its use will significantly reduce the deficit in the manufacturing process.
  The process improvements of extrusion are planned during permanent activities of servicing and improving the already existing equipment and supplying of a new press for extrusion with bigger capacity, which will allow to the company to start manufacturing high quality profiles from hard aluminium alloys, for which there is a big demand on the market.

  The inclusion of surface protection is an extra given value to the final product, and the same will be done through the use of the process of anodization, and later on through the initiation of a process for surface protection with dust painting.

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