— About us

The main activity of the joint-stock company TEAL AD is the production of aluminum alloys and aluminum profiles.

The company was founded in 1979 as part of ALUMINA - Skopje. In 1989, TEAL was re-registered as a separate enterprise. In 1999, the German company RAKU became the dominant owner.

— Products

Key product groups are aluminum alloys in the form of logs and aluminum profiles with different cross-sections.

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— Plans and investments

Following the stable growth and growth of market demand, the company's management is considering opportunities for improvements and expansion of the production capacity.

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— Mission

Since 1978, TEAL has been a company that successfully meets the needs of customers with quality aluminum profiles.

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— Looking into the future

Sustainable development is one of the key components of Teal's corporate culture.

We see our company as an "open system", which requires effective communication with our business partners, public authorities, labor collectives and the general public for its sustainability.

— Categories

  • aluminum logs
  • deoxidation block
  • aluminum alloys
  • aluminum profiles
  • pipes and rods
  • aluminum accessories