Development plans and investments

Following the stable growth and growth of the market demand, the company's management is considering opportunities for improvements and expanding the production capacity in both parts of the main technological process (foundry and extrusion), and adding value to the final products through additional surface protection of the finished products.

Improvements in the foundry, where aluminum is melted and alloyed, are planned with the introduction of the so-called SNIF system (Spinning Nozzle Inert Flotation System). This is a refining system that allows for improved metal quality, reduced processing time, reduced emissions and lower operating costs. As quality standards for aluminum profiles increase, refining has become necessary. The SNIF system, originally developed by Union Carbide in 1974, is widely accepted and applied throughout the world. TEAL currently does not have such a system, and its introduction would significantly reduce losses in the production process.

— TEAL has an ISO 9001:2008 certificate, obtained by LLOYD'S REGISTER.

— Improvement of processes

Improvements in the extrusion process are planned through constant activities of maintenance and improvement of the existing equipment and acquisition of a new extrusion press, with a higher capacity, which will allow the company to start production of high-quality profiles from hard aluminum alloys, for which there is great demand in the market.